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Grosgrain ribbons

Grosgrain ribbons are mainly used for decorating of classic hats, they are used both for external applications and for inside of hats. These ribbons are characteristic by twill weave, according their fineness we differentiate between women and men ribbons. Ribbons are produced by classical way on the shuttle looms from cotton-viscose materials, so the dyeability of ribbons is limited. By the production on the shuttle looms the equability of both edges is ensured. Lately, this production is substitutes by production on needle looms with use of polyester, so the ribbon are glossier but easy dyeable. The ribbon is ladderproof, one edge is raised due to catch thread.

These ribbons are produced to order, some articles and widths are available in stock for sale. In case of interest, the current offer of stock is available or there is the possibility to arrange production with sales department.