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Taffeta ribbons

117 236 D
117 236
!!! During 2023, the original colours in articles 117 236 and 147 370 are being resampled and merged to make the dyeing process as efficient as possible.
The colours from the original colour range will be supplied while stocks last and the new shades are gradually being switched over.
The list of colours to be replaced is attached below along with the new coloursheet.
When ordering, it is now always necessary to write the article number and the full 6-digit number of colour.
Availability or production of discontinued colour shades should always be consulted with the sales department.
The original colour sheet can be found in the Photo gallery !!!!!!
Taffeta ribbon art. 117 236 is characterized by a dull appearance, producing in standard widths  06, 09, 15, 20, 25, 40, 52, 72, and 108mm. In offered adjustment of 10mtr bundles, the most of sizes and colours are currently available on stock yearly. In the case, that some of colour or width is our of stock, the storage is continously supplemented during max. three weeks. Ribbon in size 06mm is also used to produce wedding bows.
117 240 B
117 240
Taffeta ribbon art. 117 240 is X-mas version of the standard taffeta ribbon art. 117 236, producing in standard widths 06, 09, 15, 25 and 40mm. The colours according to mentioned colour sheet are currently available on stock yearly, in larger quantities in pre-Christmas time. Ribbon in size 06mm is also used to produce wedding bows.
117 285 G
117 285
Taffeta ribbon art. 117 285 is shining ribbon compared to other taffeta ribbons,  producing in standard widths 09, 15, 25, 40 and 60 mm. This ribbon is produced only for order in minimum quantity 5000mtr from each colour (in the sum of all ordered widths). Adjustment according to the request of the customer – bundles, rolls, spools or larger put ups.
117 425
117 425
Taffeta ribbon with wired edges art. 117 425 is visually similar as taffeta ribbon art. 117 285. We are producing in widths 25 and 40 mm and offering on adjustament 25mtr rolls. This ribbon is also suitable for printing and thanks to the wired edges is suitable for different decoration.
It is so far our only one uni-color wired ribbon that can be dyed according to request. In this case, the minimum quantity for each colour is 3 500mtr.
Offer of printings on this ribbon you can see in our in category "Season collections".

Taffeta ribbons are produced from 100% polyester in dull and shiny form, with or without metalloplastic edges in plain weave. All sorts of ribbons are suitable for various printing types.

Standard ribbons art. 117 236 and 117 240 are in stock available in standard adjustment of 10 m bundles. In agreement with the sales department the ribbons can be supplied also in other adjustment.

In case of your requirement for color outside our standard color card it is necessary to send a physical sample or to give colour number according to Pantone color card. Minimum order is then 3 500 m per color (the sum of all produced widths).